EquiEncounters - Opportunity for Social Development and Self-Awareness
DreamCatchers Equine presents an unparalleled opportunity to incorporate equine/human interactions with team and character building exercises to discover and define the internal workings of the person inside.  Through integrated human/equine experiences, both unmounted and mounted, an individual journeys through a world of personal and social realizations.

A Unique & Comprehensive System
DCE has developed a prototypical system that combines the classical methods of teaching and training with an innovative multi-modal program of human personal development and equine enrichment.  This program augments the experiential sessions with an intensive introduction into concepts of equine evolution, anatomy, nutrition, horse care, as well as the physical and mental fitness of both horse and human.

This unique and fun program does not require prior horse knowledge, ability, or equipment (at the unmounted level); nor does it necessitate the participant to ride. Whether involved in unmounted or mounted activities, participants of all ages learn valuable life skills while working with the horses, such as:

• non–verbal communication (the horses true language)
• creative thinking (necessary for personal promotion in real-life situations)
• problem solving (essential for passages though complex personal and social issues)
• team building (useful in positive and productive leadership scenarios)
• self–confidence (effective for the development of healthy personal relationships)

Our focus, within the EquiEncounter curriculum, is to provide a safe, team-centered approachs to traverse the mind, body, and soul of the equine.  The benefits are multi-dimensional.  The lessons learned ultimately provide positive interconnections with situations encountered throughout all facets of life.


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